Things Your Roofing Company Does When They Put A New Roof On Your Home

Things Your Roofing Company Does When They Put A New Roof On Your Home

6 May 2021
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A lot goes into getting a new roof, but fortunately, you can depend on your roofer to do most of it for you. You might need to prepare your home and yard for the installation day by following advice from the roofing company, but other than that, there isn't much for you to do. Here are some things your roofing company does as part of a new roof installation.

Educates You About Options

Since your new roof should last for many years, it's good to take your time and ask a lot of questions. The roofer can explain the different types of roofs and their good and bad points. They can also explain the cost differences so you can choose the right type of roofing for your home.

Handles The Permit And Inspection

You'll probably need a permit for your new roof. The cost of the permit is usually included in the roofing quote since it's part of the roofer's expenses. When you get a permit, an inspection is required, too. This ensures the roof is installed according to local codes. Your roofer coordinates the inspection so they are present if necessary when the codes inspector arrives.

Keeps The Work Are Clean And Safe

If the roofing company doesn't own dumpsters, the roofer has to make arrangements with a dumpster rental company to have a dumpster delivered so it's ready on the day you're to get your new roof. If your old roofing materials are going to be torn off, a dumpster is essential. You won't have to deal with the dumpster company, but you may need to find another place to park or clear out space in your yard so the dumpster can be placed next to your house.

While most of the debris lands in the dumpster, some shingles and nails fall to the ground. Another responsibility the roofer has is to clean your yard once the roof is installed so stray nails and debris are collected and removed.

Offers You A Warranty

Roofing companies usually offer warranties that cover their workmanship. This protects you in case their workers don't install your roof properly. This warranty is different than a warranty provided by the company that makes the shingles you buy.

Besides all that, the roofing company installs your shingles, flashing, and other roof parts over a period of a few days. While most of the work is done in a couple of days, the roofer is busy making preparations and ordering supplies well before the work begins.

Contact a local roofing company to learn more.